Day 1 open for business


It is exciting times for us here at Noughts+Crosses! After months of planning, prepping and organising, we up and running. Day one was filled with friends and family and hospitality connections. It was refreshing to see many new faces – people who have been passing by the cafe for months, ogling the butchers paper in the window, spying through the cracks in the hope of grasping a little peek of the works occurring inside; and others who have been following our Instagram and Facebook accounts for months who came all the way in from various regions of Victoria, and of course our Melbourne community.  We hope to build a following of friends who will one day call Noughts+Crosses their “local“.


Over the next few weeks we will be updating the website regularly. Stay tuned for more news about what’s happening here at Noughts+Crosses. You can keep in touch with us via our Facebook and Instagram accounts, but please also follow us here on the Noughts+Crosses website. We look forward to meeting you all when you next venture out to Flemington!



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